Truely from the inside

I am sure we have all heard the phrase, “Young at heart”.  There is more to that saying then you think.  A good positive mental attitude can go farther then any pills or lotions when it comes to aging.

I know people 10 years younger then me and you would think they are 10 years older. The key issue is that they believe they are old.  Many people that I know, once they hit 40, think their life has been had, that now they just continue down hill and only have retirement to look forward too.

I also know a few people, in my industry (toys) that are older then me but look 10 years younger and the only difference is, they are still kids at heart.  Every day that you see them they have that skip/hop, what is out there wide eyed innocence about them like a child going to the fair for the first time.  And it is infectious also.  You will often see those around that person, on a day to day basis, with the same kind of attitude and youthful look about them.

I know that it seems so cliche but it really is true, give it a try, no, “Try not, do or don’t do”!  Look for things that make you happy, let go the things that make you angry.  Look at things through the eyes of a child and capture the wonderment that comes with it.  Think about all the things you have to live for, things you would like to do and see and how great it will feel to do them instead of lamenting over what you did not do or wont ever be able to do.  Look for rainbows and marvel when you see them.  Imagine a pot of gold at the end and even a leprechaun that will fight you for that pot of gold.  Think about how fun it would be to be a super hero and fly over a building.

Life truly is what we make of it, think young, live young, be young.


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