Starting a new renew regime.

Hi everyone,

Really glad to see all the new subscribers and for those of you who have been with me from the beginning, thanks for hanging in there while I worked through all my personal stuff.

So, what is the latest?

I have packed on 10 kilo

I have not been taking AEDG.

I have not been taking MT2

I have not been taking anything and even stopped exercise.  Needless to say, I am a complete mess.  I am back, pretty close, to how I looked 7 years ago when I first started to trial MT2 and AEDG.

I promise I will post pictures and follow up as often as I can with my progress.

I am going to go back on AEDG, MT2 and in addition take NAD+, BPC-157 and go back to exercising.  I will detail all this in a new blog/vlog that I will post on and youtube.

Again, I am sorry I have been so quiet but going through a divorce, moving to Thailand and everything that comes with that really used up my time.  Thank you for the patience but I am sure you are going to enjoy watching the transformation.

I hope a few of you will join me in my quest.  I will post everything I do and you can follow along if you wish.

except for the exercise, everything I will be taking is available at and you can sign up with my keycode:  ForeverYoung


Best regards,

Hugo Walker


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