Sexy Yogurt Life?

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A mouse that eats yogurt daily, left, is slimmer and shinier than his brother. (Courtesy Susan Erdman)

Maybe it won’t make you younger (or maybe it will) but what researchers have found is that, in mice, yogurt can make them slimmer, better hair, larger testicles and basically, all over, sexier.

Eric Alm and Susan Erdman, researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, building on results from human studies that suggested that eating yogurt may help stave off age related weight gain, set out to test this theory on mice.

They used two groups of mice, one group they feed a normal (mouse) diet and the other group got the same diet plus Vanilla Yogurt.

“One of the first things we noticed was their fur coat,” said Erdman, assistant director of comparative medicine at MIT. “It was so thick and shiny; shockingly shiny.”

Further observations showed that not only did the yogurt mice enjoying a better coat but they were also slimmer and, “The males had, swagger”.  Erdman was quoted as saying, “We knew there was something different in the males, but we weren’t sure what it was at first,  you know when someone’s at the top of their game, how they carry themselves differently? Well, imagine that in a mouse.”

One of the technicians in the lab later found that the testicles of the yogurt eating male mice were protruding out really far.  Upon checking this observation it was confirmed that their testicles were 5% larger than those of the non-yogurt group and 15% bigger then mice on a controlled diet that was meant to mimic junk food.

“Almost everything about the fertility of those males is enhanced,” Erdman said, explaining how yogurt-eating males mated faster and produced more offspring. “There were legitimate physiological differences in males fed probiotics, not just the extra sexiness.”

Not forgetting to mention the ladies!  They also enjoyed not only shinier fur then the males but also tended to be better moms to the larger litters.

“We think it’s the probiotics in the yogurt,” Alm said. “We think those organisms are somehow directly interacting with the mice to produce these effects.”

Of course, as always, these kind of studies seem to be a work in, “forever” progress but the findings so far have strong implications for human fertility and weight control, not to mention hair and overall health.

Maybe, from now on, when you are getting ready to pour your milk over the top of your oatmeal or cereal, you might want to consider yogurt instead.  That is a practice I have had for the past 2 years.

Hugo Walker

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