Oil of Oregano

A few years back (about 6), I had heard a lot of buzz with concern to Oil of Oregano.  Of course, the company pushing it at that time was using an angle that their oil was from a specific plant only found on certain hills in a remote part of Italy (is there such a place?).

I did end up purchasing some of this oil and I used it on a regular basis, orally.  I can say that the taste is very strong, burning sensation, and while I was taking it I did not become ill.  Was it the oil?  Not sure but I did not get ill, that is all that I know.

After  my extensive, continued research into health and longevity, I have come to the conclusion that the body can become inundated by various kinds of Fungi and the by product (excrement) of the fungi is toxic to the body.  It has been shown in lab studies that the oil of oregano does kill many variety of fungi, including Candida, which cause a variety of problems in the body.  However, what I have found to be missing in these statements is the fact that dropping oil of oregano directly onto fungi in a petri dish in a lab is not the same as taking a couple of drops a day orally.  I think this needs further study unless that kind of study has been done, then I would love to hear from others about that.

The other major things that are claimed to be benefits from Oil of Oregano are:

Anti -Parasitic
Anti-Viral and Anti-Oxidant
Anti-Allergen and Anti-Inflammatory

If even 1/2 of these claims are true, Oil of Oregano should be a terrific aid in the fight against aging.

You will note that I have added this topic to both “Skin Deep” and “Inside Out”.  That is because the claimed benefits from Oil or Oregano can be realized both by taking internally and topically.

I think this deserves a second look and I would love to hear from others about their experiences or observations on this topic.


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