Lipo and other fat removal remedies

I have always been perplexed by things like liposuction being listed in life extension and anti aging forums.  I guess one could try to argue that being heavy will cause other problems in your body that lead to a shortened life but simply removing fat cells, in my opinion, is not going to help with the other conditions.  One must strive to remove the fat through diet and exercise which will, at the same time, remove or at least decrease the other conditions.

If you are considering fat removal as a remedy to looking younger, one could argue that there are plenty of younger people who are heavy.  In addition, when fat is removed, rather then slowly reduced/lost through exercise and diet, there is a considerable amount of “EXTRA” skin left behind.  Even when you reduce fat naturally this will happen but the immediate results from fat removal can be quite, well, scary looking.  Especially when you see someone who has been taking weight loss pills, their face can get rather gaunt and the neck becomes very loose a wrinkly.  This, in effect, causes one to actually look older.

In the past years that I have attended Beauty conventions there has always been a plethora of companies hawking their various fat removal devices.  If any of you are not familiar with these, these are machines that, through various means such as radio frequency, MELT or burst open fat cells under the skin.  Of course, if these actually work, one must ask, “Where is all that fat going”?  Well, if it really works, into your blood stream and finally into your liver and kidneys of course.  So then, later, many came out with machines that not only claimed to dissolve the fat cells but to then actually extract the fat through the skin.  I have seen these machines demonstrated with a little glass jar on the machine that slowly fills up with what looks like fat.  Are they real???  If they are, again, there must be major issue involved with dissolving fat cells and sucking the fat out through your skin?  At any rate, the last two times I have been to shows, guess what?  I have only seen 1 or 2 of these machines.  Now most everyone is focused onto wrinkle removal or reduction.

There are a lot of ways, on the market now, to remove fat from ones body.  However, I would hope anyone thinking of these kinds of procedures would first consider to giving exercise and diet a serious try first.  The results will be longer lived and the true benefits will be far greater.



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