I’m not a mouse, a monkey or a fly!

When I was young, we used to live in a large house that was on large plot of property filled with very old oak trees.  In these tree’s were a lot of squirrels and one summer a couple of them found a way into our house, through the rafters, and started to reek havoc.

My stepfather and I decided to use a BB gun to try and get rid of them.  Their hides were so hard that the BB’s would just bounce off.  We found it necessary to get a pellet gun with arrow sharp pellets and that seemed to do the trick.

We put a wire mesh over the place where they were getting in and then waited for them to try, took aim, and, well, a couple less squirrels. (I just know that someone is going to be on my case about having shot these poor, defenseless creatures, which just so happen to have claws like razor sharp talons and carry both rabies and Bubonic plague) but within a short period of time, we had squirrels in the house again.  They had completely torn off the wire mesh and it appeared there were more this time.

We repeated the steps, waited, and sure enough, this time we shot 3 squirrels.  However, once again, it was only a matter of time and the house was being ravaged once again.  Going outside we noted that we saw even far more squirrels jumping around in the tree’s, just about the house, then we ever did and thus came to the conclusion that killing them was not working.  In fact, from what we could see, we were actually creating a void that other squirrels (and more of them) felt inclined to fill.

We gave up shooting them and instead just took a greater amount of time to secure the rafters and eventually the squirrel population around the house seemed to level back out again.

OK Hugo, what the heck does this have to do with mice, monkey’s and flies?  Well, actually this is in reference to why, people like me and others, choose to experiment with things that are not “FDA” approved.  I’m not a mouse, a monkey or a fly and yet, often times, the things I have taken have only been thoroughly experimented on mice, monkey’s or flies.  But yet, it is often because those experiments have shown great promise and also because they never seem to get past the point of mice that causes me and others like me to take that risk.  The lack of further investigation but yet the great potential in the effects creates this great void for some.  They get tired of waiting for that, “STAMP” of approval that says, “This substance is safe and we, the extremely over paid, over funded and pharmaceutical conglomerate focused group now tell you that you can take it”.  People don’t have decades to wait and are willing to try something that they have investigated enough, for themselves, to feel reasonably safe.

It goes far deeper then that if you care to really look down that hole.  You can get into the issue of, Only huge pharmaceutical’s can afford FDA testing and approvals (we are talking in the mass millions of costs).  If only they (LPC) are funding the FDA, doesn’t that make you stop and say, hmmmm?  And then there are the dozens of reports of things able to alleviate or eradicate even cancer but never see the light of day because they are suppressed or even bought out by those same pharmaceutical companies.  All this owing to the notion, regardless of truth or not, that, “Why would a large pharmaceutical company want a cure on the market, even if they own the rights?  They cannot make much off a cure, only short term subsidence of an aliment or side effects is truly profitable”?

There are also those that don’t want to go the “chemical route”.  They prefer to stay holistic in their approach.  To utilize natural substances, herbs, teas, potions and other things that have been used for ages.

Regardless of the reasons, the fact is that there is a void.  A large void in the area from discovery to time in market and or acceptance.  This void was originally caused by mans desire to protect themselves and others from slick snake oil men peddling potions and tonics that were supposed to cure everything from baldness to impotence.  Oh, wait, that still seems to be the case so what has changed.  Well, more and more it is getting harder for individuals to make those determinations by themselves.  Even despite hundreds of years of something being taken within a society and the commonly known effects, it cannot be marketed as a remedy or a cure for something without that “FDA” stamp of approval.  And on the flip side, hundreds of things have received that “STAMP” only later to be removed.  Look at how many things on the market now carry warning labeling that have be printed in number 4 font, front and back on a tri or 4 fold paper.

I am not denying that agencies like the FDA are useful and were created with good intent.  But the reality is, what is happening now, just frustrates people.  Especially when they see loved ones dying or suffering.  But the more and more that like minded people try to remedy themselves, the more and more that Big Brother seems to want to regulate that, and stop that.  I don’t mean to sound like an alarmist or conspiracy advocate, but it is getting pretty scary when we no longer can do as we wish with our own body as long as it does not cause injury to others.

I hope that we don’t see the day when we cannot try something without bells and whistles going off and someone coming to take us away in an attempt to protect us from ourselves.  If we need protecting from ourselves, then we are doomed.

In closing, I would like to reiterate the importance of those that do decide to self medicate or try new things, please, please, keep a record and let others know your results.

Hugo W

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One Response to “I’m not a mouse, a monkey or a fly!”

  1. Max says:

    What concerns me that there are a lot of times where you see a research conducted with great promise and then there is no follow-up or there is some half-ass study that looks like trying to diminish publicly the anti-aging effects of the substance. My suspicion is funding the actual “fountain of youth” is not in the best interests, and will not be public.