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And it begins!

There is a lot to tell and update. I am currently back in the USA after having been in Hong Kong for 10 years and Thailand for 2. Needless to say, moving to Thailand and then back to the US in a short period of time has completely stripped me of physical possessions and lightened […]


I have set this post to be listed in both Inside Out and Skin Deep because, well, because this stuff helps on both those fronts. BPC -157 is a synthetic analog of a substance made in your pancreas and has been utilized for a few years now in wound healing.  It has been added to […]

I’m not a mouse, a monkey or a fly!

When I was young, we used to live in a large house that was on large plot of property filled with very old oak trees.  In these tree’s were a lot of squirrels and one summer a couple of them found a way into our house, through the rafters, and started to reek havoc. My […]