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Starting a new renew regime.

Hi everyone, Really glad to see all the new subscribers and for those of you who have been with me from the beginning, thanks for hanging in there while I worked through all my personal stuff. So, what is the latest? I have packed on 10 kilo I have not been taking AEDG. I have […]

Epitalon – Epithalon – Epithalone……

I have been seeing so many different versions of the name for A.E.D.G. out on the net.  Most are all geared around the Trade Mark for it given by Dr. Khavison who discovered it.  The problem with using these names is that its a TM violation and the thing is, he did not just file […]


I have set this post to be listed in both Inside Out and Skin Deep because, well, because this stuff helps on both those fronts. BPC -157 is a synthetic analog of a substance made in your pancreas and has been utilized for a few years now in wound healing.  It has been added to […]


It appears that there is a new kid on the block, that is to say, new as in the knowledge of its benefits. NAD+ is a precursor to NADH and has a lot of its own benefits to the body in addition to NADH but lets talk about NADH first. NADH (vitamin B3), in nature, […]

Oil of Oregano

A few years back (about 6), I had heard a lot of buzz with concern to Oil of Oregano.  Of course, the company pushing it at that time was using an angle that their oil was from a specific plant only found on certain hills in a remote part of Italy (is there such a […]

Truely from the inside

I am sure we have all heard the phrase, “Young at heart”.  There is more to that saying then you think.  A good positive mental attitude can go farther then any pills or lotions when it comes to aging. I know people 10 years younger then me and you would think they are 10 years […]

Sexy Yogurt Life?

A mouse that eats yogurt daily, left, is slimmer and shinier than his brother. (Courtesy Susan Erdman) Maybe it won’t make you younger (or maybe it will) but what researchers have found is that, in mice, yogurt can make them slimmer, better hair, larger testicles and basically, all over, sexier. Eric Alm and Susan Erdman, […]


Researchers at the University of Paris and colleagues fed the molecule fullerene (C60 or “buckyballs”) dissolved in olive oil to rats and found it almost doubles their lifespan, with no chronic toxicity. The results suggest that the effect of C60, an antioxidant, on lifespan is mainly due to the attenuation of age-associated increases in oxidative stress, according to the researchers. Full story […]

Water, too little too late!!

If you feel thirsty, its probably too late.  What I mean is, you have already taken your bodies fluid content below the optimal level and damage is being done. I know there is a lot said all the time about water intake.  How it is good for you, how it should be done every day […]

Ala-Glu-Asp-Gly (A.K.A.) Epithalone

Flying in under the radar for the past 10 years is a little tetrapeptide known as Ala-Glu-Asp-Gly.  This 4 mer peptide is a replica of a secretion produced by the pineal gland and has some amazing results/potential. As we all know the benefits of telomerase, I won’t go into detail about that now but will […]