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Starting a new renew regime.

Hi everyone, Really glad to see all the new subscribers and for those of you who have been with me from the beginning, thanks for hanging in there while I worked through all my personal stuff. So, what is the latest? I have packed on 10 kilo I have not been taking AEDG. I have […]


I have set this post to be listed in both Inside Out and Skin Deep because, well, because this stuff helps on both those fronts. BPC -157 is a synthetic analog of a substance made in your pancreas and has been utilized for a few years now in wound healing.  It has been added to […]

Why do we stop, is it too late?

I remember that in my youth I had a myriad of activities every day. I would get up early and run 2 miles with my father in the morning before breakfast.  I would walk to school and in school we had gymnastics, exercise, field and court games.  At recess we would usually play soccer, dodge […]

Reach for it!

When we think of exercise, most of us imagine donning some sweats or shorts and a T-shirt, sport shoes and other various workout paraphernalia so we can sweat it out in a gym.  X-amount of cardio, x-amount of weights, tred mills, ellipes and stair climbers.  Sound familiar?