Researchers at the University of Paris and colleagues fed the molecule fullerene (C60 or “buckyballs”) dissolved in olive oil to rats and found it almost doubles their lifespan, with no chronic toxicity.

The results suggest that the effect of C60, an antioxidant, on lifespan is mainly due to the attenuation of age-associated increases in oxidative stress, according to the researchers.

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This kind of effect has been long speculated.  Fullerenes have been used in anti-aging cremes and lotions for some time now, but, it is good to have a study like this finalized and backing up the assumptions.

Is this a cure all, anti-aging solution.  In my opinion, no.  However, it is a key component in the overall process.  One still needs a healthy diet, exercise, water, sleep and depending on their age or condition, appropriate supplementation.

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2 Responses to “Buckyballs”

  1. admin says:

    Follow Up to initial article:

    Since I wrote this article about c60oo (Buckyballs in Olive Oil), there has been a good amount of people trialing it. After watching their results, one might get a bit scared or apprehensive about trying it.

    Apparently, in many people, after taking the mixture they would experience flu like symptoms and aching joints. These would tend to subside after time but it was worry enough to cause some to stop their trials.

    Well, I have been around the experimentation block enough to know, this smells of contaminants. This is the first time that I have mentioned this possibility and I am only doing so here, on this site, because I don’t wish to cause a lot of fear. But those symptoms fit perfectly into a syndrome well known when certain pathogens get into the body. This normally does not happen unless something is taken by IV or sub-q but in the case of c60, it is so small, it is very possible for it to carry with it, into the blood stream, by-products or solvents used in the filtering process.

    The other possibility is that the body first see’s the c60 as a foreign object and builds up an initial allergic like reaction to it, producing white blood cells and anti-bodies to combat the intruder.

    Both of these will cause swelling which in turn causes the joint pain and possible headaches, neck pain and overall soreness.

    How to handle this? Well, firstly you need to do your best in insure that the c60oo that you are buying is of the highest purity possible. This is no easy task as when you buy it, it will already be resolved in the olive oil, which, as I just recently discovered, makes it near impossible to test for purity. So, you must rely on the company selling to you and trusting their claims. Therefore, base this on how well you can trust that company.

    Secondly, ease into the use of the Buckyballs. Take an extremely low amount and slowly increase it day by day until you are up to what you consider to be your optimal dose. In this way, if you body is having an allergic reaction, you give it time to deal with a very small amount at first and get used to it.

    Unfortunately, if the issue is to the c60 itself, you do run the risk of building up immunity to it. That is, your body will see it as a foreign body and build special anti-bodies just to encapsulate and destroy it.

    I have tried c60 myself since this report. I also experienced the soreness, cold/flu like symptoms but it did go away rather quickly. I am taking other things that make my body very resilient so maybe I have already built up some kind of resistance? But so far I have not experienced any noticeable improvement from taking Buckyballs.

  2. AdamI says:

    This site might sell C60 in olive oil soon: