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BPC -157 is a synthetic analog of a substance made in your pancreas and has been utilized for a few years now in wound healing.  It has been added to gel packs that are used by EMT for burn victims and it is a new additive to stomach ulcer medication as it is able to heal an ulcer in 5 days.
There is a lot of new testing and experimentation going on with this protein both in the scientific community and the personal community.  There are several completed and on going research around tendon healing.  The severed tendon of a rat can grow back together, in short order, utilizing BPC-157.  In one of those studies, the nerves for the foot of the rat were accidentally cut along with the tendon and the rat, not being able to feel his foot, chewed 1/2 of it off.  As the results required were with regards to the tendon, not the foot the rat was kept in the study and at the end of the study it was found that the rat had regrown the missing part of its foot.

BPC-157 has been studied and put in field testing by the Chinese Army to allow quick healing from injuries.  Of course, this is meant to get the solders back out on the field as soon as possible but despite its indented use in the study, the potential other uses are mind boggling.

BPC-157 has been tested on and found to reduce and/or completely eliminate the swelling caused in the intestines from Crones disease.  Not just Crones either, it can have this effect from any IBS.

If you think about where BPC-157 is produced in the body and know what it does, it makes sense that this is a “healing” substance naturally produced by our body and pumped into the digestive tract.  Why there?  Well, it is very stable in the digestive tract and therefore is able to enter the blood stream and go through out the body to aid in healing anywhere.  Technically, this should aid in the healing of all internal organs, even the brain and nerves.  In fact, it has already been trialed on liver damage and found to be able to reverse  excessive alcohol damage.

It is being used on the black market, in inject-able form, by body builders because it can heal muscle very fast.  After breaking down muscle in weight lifting, the BPC-157 can heal the muscles quickly allowing those same muscles to be broken down for building again faster than ever before.

It only makes sense that as we age, with all other functions and organs of our body, our pancreas also does not produce as much BPC-157.  It is well documented that as we age we do not heal as fast.  Given that this is a substance native to our bodies, I don’t see why this should not be fast tracked as a supplement but, given the track record of those who make these judgments (FDA), I doubt we will see it any time soon.  Heaven forbid that we should have people be healthier and live longer, right?  Too much lost pharmaceutical revenue.

Where can you find BPC-157?  Well, as always, there are a multitude of sites on the web that have it for sale, some shady some not.  Most that I have found appear to sell in inject-able vials and targeted towards the muscle building (weight lifting) community.  For my purposes, I chose to develop a form that can be taken orally.  Because it is made to survive and thrive in the digestive system, there is no need for injecting and by taking orally it can be absorbed into the blood stream and taken through out the body to heal everything.

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This stuff is beyond amazing and I get letters monthly from people that are getting amazing results for a variety of ailments.

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