Been gone too long!!!

It has been far far to long since I have posted, updated/added anything to this site and for that I am truly sorry.  Sorry to myself more than anyone else as this was a passion.
I dare not say that I was too busy, even though I truly was, but rather, I was distracted.  I put up this site with intent of sharing my collected information with others but what I have been busy doing is gleaning new knowledge that seems to change as rapidly as the sun rises and sets.  I was rather overwhelmed to say the least and I felt like there was no way I could keep up.

I have decided that I do not want to give up on this site, rather, I want to make it better, functional and something that others can enjoy, contribute and gain from.  To accomplish this, I am removing the Bulletin Board.  All my time was taken up chasing away bots without any real contribution.  There is a good chance that there were people signing up that may have contributed but, again, chasing the bots away probably caused me to remove legitimate people.  I also want to allow others to contribute to this site.  The invitation is extended to anyone that would like to contribute an article/information.  If you have a topic you would like me to research or if you would like to write on a topic, both can be done.  You will first need to be vetted and your article will need to be reviewed before posting, but I welcome a more diverse group of ideas, articles and writing to this site.

I will allow some advertising, in very limited quantities and not in pop ups, only in side bars.  These will only be for items relating to topics of this site.

The most important point is, please, give me suggestions.  I am open to new ideas and topics as long as they are in some way related around the general topic of life extension.

All the best,


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