Truely from the inside

I am sure we have all heard the phrase, “Young at heart”.  There is more to that saying then you think.  A good positive mental attitude can go farther then any pills or lotions when it comes to aging.

I know people 10 years younger then me and you would think they are 10 years older. The key issue is that they believe they are old.  Many people that I know, once they hit 40, think their life has been had, that now they just continue down hill and only have retirement to look forward too.

I also know a few people, in my industry (toys) that are older then me but look 10 years younger and the only difference is, they are still kids at heart.  Every day that you see them they have that skip/hop, what is out there wide eyed innocence about them like a child going to the fair for the first time.  And it is infectious also.  You will often see those around that person, on a day to day basis, with the same kind of attitude and youthful look about them.

I know that it seems so cliche but it really is true, give it a try, no, “Try not, do or don’t do”!  Look for things that make you happy, let go the things that make you angry.  Look at things through the eyes of a child and capture the wonderment that comes with it.  Think about all the things you have to live for, things you would like to do and see and how great it will feel to do them instead of lamenting over what you did not do or wont ever be able to do.  Look for rainbows and marvel when you see them.  Imagine a pot of gold at the end and even a leprechaun that will fight you for that pot of gold.  Think about how fun it would be to be a super hero and fly over a building.

Life truly is what we make of it, think young, live young, be young.


Why do we stop, is it too late?

I remember that in my youth I had a myriad of activities every day. I would get up early and run 2 miles with my father in the morning before breakfast.  I would walk to school and in school we had gymnastics, exercise, field and court games.  At recess we would usually play soccer, dodge ball, 4 square, tether ball or football.  I would walk home from school, pretend to do my homework and go outside to play.  Climb trees, fly kits, play more football, go ice-skating, sledding, hide and seek, riding my bike, basically all kind of physical activity.  I ate like a horse and ate just about anything.  Concern over junk food was never an issue, and I never put on weight.  Then along the way, something happened, something changed.

In the beginning of my “carrier” I did a lot of physical activity.  I was designing and building solar systems.  Climbing on roofs, hoisting up solar panels, replacing roofs, ect…  But in addition to all that, I kept a very youthful attitude on life, thanks in part to my long time friendship and business partner (Bob).  We just had not grown up yet.  We would, on the weekends and after work (sometimes when we were supposed to be working) go out and do all kinds of crazy stuff, serious physical activity sports and things we would make up.  As adults (LOL) we would take our childhood fantasies and try to turn them into reality.  For the most part, during all this time, I continued to eat as I pleased, in fact I probably ate more then I ever did in my life, without gaining a lb of fat.  I had the closest thing to a 6 pack that I ever had in my life and wore size 28 jeans.

Somehow, somewhere, down along the line, either by ourselves or through pier pressure, we were pushed into “growing up”.  I stopped the physical work (went in to sales, driving around in a car all day), and ended the play.  It only took a matter of 3 months and I went from 175lbs (the weight I had since high school) to 240 lbs.  I am 6’1″ so I may not have appeared that heavy but that is a drastic increase to my norm.

By the time I reached 35 I was not only out of shape, over weight and too tired all the time to even think about physical activity, but I also was enjoying high blood pressure, diabetes, gout and a back that would constantly go out.  It was at this point that I decided to try and make a change.  Fortunately I was financially in a good position and had an extra building on my property where I was able to build my own gym.  Given my determination at that time, and getting one of my graphic artists to come workout with me in the morning, I was able to get back down to 185 over a single summer and had a lot more energy.  I found my self seeking out new activities and sports and got back into swimming which I really loved as a kid.  Most importantly I looked and felt great.

That renaissance, unfortunately, was short lived.  I went through a divorce, my business was failing and then started a new very long distance relationship.  I was traveling all the time and as I had given up everything to the ex, even my gym.  I quickly blossomed back up to 240lbs and with it came back all the other problems.

At 45 I once again decided to try and take care of myself.  I was living in China at the time and had a gym at my complex.  Money issues were better, family life was good so I started to work out again and got myself down around 198lbs.  Within 2 years business was down again, I moved to Hong Kong, things were in turmoil, an unexpected child, weight back up and all the health problems back again.

Do you see a pattern developing?  I do, and I think it is called, “growing up”.  We see others that we deem successful in life along with all the other things they have, don’t have, are expected to have and or expected not to have.  Have is status, money, houses, cars, ect…  Don’t have is a family life, time for play or exercise.  I know what your thinking, the rich guy spends his time on the beach, ski slopes and polo field.  I am here to tell you, that is not your average “successful” person.  Those people grew up in money or hit the business “Lotto” if you will.  For the majority of us out there, to be successful, even just to get by, means long hours, strenuous work and forsaking a lot of things.

I don’t think I am alone in saying that the reason we want success, the reason we decided to slave so hard in our lives, is to be able to enjoy life.  What kind of life do we have to enjoy if we are over weight, have no energy and with all kinds of problems that press us even farther into our declining cycle of aging.

I think it is fair and honest to state that exercise, (physical activity) is a major key to staying youthful. Everything is compounded to the positive when we are physically fit just as much as it is compounded to the negative when we are not.  So thus begs the questions, “Why do we Stop”?  Somehow, somewhere down along the line do we start to associate play with being childish?  Do we think that exercise is too time consuming or is it because we turn exercise, again, into an adult (boring) activity?  Why can’t we just keep doing the things we like to do, having fun, playing, enjoying our physical activity like we did when we were kids?  It is obvious that doing so would keep us healthy and younger.  I dare to say that choosing to “grow up” is in fact a choice to begin death.

So, now here I am at 51.  I joined a gym 2 years ago and have been working out semi regularly.  I go back and forth, up and down, in my weight and health like a yoyo.  Currently I am around 215lbs, I am starting to have a bit of problem with my blood sugar, my gout is making some signals to me of returning.  Fortunately my blood pressure is lower then it has been since high school but over all I just can’t seem to get it together.  I keep finding excuses for not going to the gym but the real reason, I think, is boredom, lack of true motivation.  I will wake up one morning and say, “This is it, this is the first day of the rest of my life.  I am going to get back down below 200, I am going to get that six pack I never had, I am going to get rid of all my health problems,  I am going to start to enjoy life again”.  But, is it too late.  Has the fat lady, or in my case, the fat man sung?

Its never too late.  I have lost a lot of years but I believe that I can extent my life starting now and improve the quality of it if I can find a way to improve my enjoyment of doing so.  I have to find a way to put fun back into the equation.  Can I just cast off all my notions and life education about what being an adult is?  Not likely.  Well if I can’t just, “be a kid” again, what can I do, what can make physical activity rewarding?  For me I am going to set my goals (not too high), record all that I do to get there and my progress.  My reward should be seeing my goals come to light.  But just in case that is not enough, I will also plan some kind of reward, for myself, each time I can reach a goal.  For example, in my case, if I can get to my goal I will treat myself with a trip to Macau.  Thinking about it, I can have fun to come up with rewards.  Maybe that is a big key, find the fun in the ways we go about our physical activity.  Find things that we can have the time for, things we will enjoy.  Exercise can come in many forms, we don’t just need to pump weights or run on a treadmill.  How about dancing, mountain biking, or sports.  That is something you won’t see every day.  What a sight that would be, a bunch of 50 somethings like me out on a basketball court, football field or playing dodge ball.  But until that stigma can be reversed, at least we can set our goals, make plans for a reward, track our results and most importantly, give ourselves that reward when we reach those goals.

If you have been away from exercise for a long time you will need to start slowly and build up.  But, do not do what I see so many others doing, and have done myself in the past.  Don’t come to the gym, say, “OK, its been a long time, I need to take it easy”.  Then you find yourself sitting on a stationary bicycle or walking on a treadmill in front of a TV screen for an hour and repeating the same day after day.  Not only will you get bored but you will not continue your improvement.  You need to push it, you need to keep upping the anti on your physical activity.  You have taken a long time to get to where you are now and it is going to take a long time to turn things back.  Don’t get impatient and don’t get stuck in a rut of exercise.  Change it up, switch it around and keep pressing for improvement.

Just in case you need a bit more motivation, how about this list of things that exercise can do for you, no matter your age:

Benefits of Exercise in Older Adults

Improves physiologic parameters
(V°O2 max, cardiac output, decreased submaximal rate-pressure product)
Improves blood pressure
Decreases risk of coronary artery disease
Improves congestive heart failure symptoms and decreases hospitalization rate
Improves lipid profile
Diabetes mellitus, type 2
Decreases incidence
Improves glycemic control
Decreases hemoglobin A1C levels
Improves insulin sensitivity
Decreases bone density loss in postmenopausal women
Decreases hip and vertebral fractures
Decreases risk of falling
Improves function
Decreases pain
Neuropsychologic health
Improves quality of sleep
Improves cognitive function
Decreases rates of depression, improves Beck depression scores.
Improves short-term memory
Potential decrease in risk of colon, breast, prostate, rectum
Improves quality of life and decreases fatigue.
Decreases all-cause mortality
Decreases all-cause morbidity
Decreases risk of obesity
Improves symptoms in peripheral vascular occlusive disease

Now stop making excuses (saying this to myself as much as to anyone else) and get out there.
If you would like help in the form of encouragement, suggestions and letting others applaud your results (a great motivator), why not set some goals, plan out your exercise and report it on the forum.  I have started my report there.  As a matter of fact, I am two weeks into my plan and that is part of why I am writing this, to re-motivate myself.  I found that I have again been making excuses for not going to the gym and therefor have not had an real improvement.  But then I read this article which re-motivated me and prompted me to write this article.  By the way, the list of benefits above is from that site.



Reach for it!

When we think of exercise, most of us imagine donning some sweats or shorts and a T-shirt, sport shoes and other various workout paraphernalia so we can sweat it out in a gym.  X-amount of cardio, x-amount of weights, tred mills, ellipes and stair climbers.  Sound familiar?

Sexy Yogurt Life?

ht mice yogurt dm 120507 wblog Yogurt Makes Mice Slimmer, Sexier

A mouse that eats yogurt daily, left, is slimmer and shinier than his brother. (Courtesy Susan Erdman)

Maybe it won’t make you younger (or maybe it will) but what researchers have found is that, in mice, yogurt can make them slimmer, better hair, larger testicles and basically, all over, sexier.

Eric Alm and Susan Erdman, researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, building on results from human studies that suggested that eating yogurt may help stave off age related weight gain, set out to test this theory on mice.

They used two groups of mice, one group they feed a normal (mouse) diet and the other group got the same diet plus Vanilla Yogurt.

“One of the first things we noticed was their fur coat,” said Erdman, assistant director of comparative medicine at MIT. “It was so thick and shiny; shockingly shiny.”

Further observations showed that not only did the yogurt mice enjoying a better coat but they were also slimmer and, “The males had, swagger”.  Erdman was quoted as saying, “We knew there was something different in the males, but we weren’t sure what it was at first,  you know when someone’s at the top of their game, how they carry themselves differently? Well, imagine that in a mouse.”

One of the technicians in the lab later found that the testicles of the yogurt eating male mice were protruding out really far.  Upon checking this observation it was confirmed that their testicles were 5% larger than those of the non-yogurt group and 15% bigger then mice on a controlled diet that was meant to mimic junk food.

“Almost everything about the fertility of those males is enhanced,” Erdman said, explaining how yogurt-eating males mated faster and produced more offspring. “There were legitimate physiological differences in males fed probiotics, not just the extra sexiness.”

Not forgetting to mention the ladies!  They also enjoyed not only shinier fur then the males but also tended to be better moms to the larger litters.

“We think it’s the probiotics in the yogurt,” Alm said. “We think those organisms are somehow directly interacting with the mice to produce these effects.”

Of course, as always, these kind of studies seem to be a work in, “forever” progress but the findings so far have strong implications for human fertility and weight control, not to mention hair and overall health.

Maybe, from now on, when you are getting ready to pour your milk over the top of your oatmeal or cereal, you might want to consider yogurt instead.  That is a practice I have had for the past 2 years.

Hugo Walker


Researchers at the University of Paris and colleagues fed the molecule fullerene (C60 or “buckyballs”) dissolved in olive oil to rats and found it almost doubles their lifespan, with no chronic toxicity.

The results suggest that the effect of C60, an antioxidant, on lifespan is mainly due to the attenuation of age-associated increases in oxidative stress, according to the researchers.

Full story here!

This kind of effect has been long speculated.  Fullerenes have been used in anti-aging cremes and lotions for some time now, but, it is good to have a study like this finalized and backing up the assumptions.

Is this a cure all, anti-aging solution.  In my opinion, no.  However, it is a key component in the overall process.  One still needs a healthy diet, exercise, water, sleep and depending on their age or condition, appropriate supplementation.

Illiteracy leads to higher mortality risk??

Studies of late have been showing that people with poor literacy skills have a greater chance of dying over a five year period compared to others of the same age group.

It seems that the possible correlation is that a lack of reading skills equates to less knowledge of chronic disease and illnesses.  Lack of knowledge then correlates to lack of personal care, hygiene and recognizing when to seek out medical attention.  This is further exacerbated by things as simple as, not being able to read and understand labeling on medication.



Water, too little too late!!

If you feel thirsty, its probably too late.  What I mean is, you have already taken your bodies fluid content below the optimal level and damage is being done.

I know there is a lot said all the time about water intake.  How it is good for you, how it should be done every day and all the different amounts that different groups push.  But the reality is, not enough is said about this.

You know all the arguments.  Your body is made up of between 60 to 75% water.  You need to take in water to replenish what you loose every day even just through breathing.  If you exercise it becomes even more important.  We should have 8-8 ounce glasses of water a day.  We should have 3 liters of water a day.  From some extreme sports people, they say we should have 1 gallon of water a day.

No matter the amount, no matter the base reason, it cannot be denied that water is essential to our bodies.  All of our cells contain water and must have water to survive and replenish.  Yet, the majority of the worlds population is in a constant state of dehydration.

No matter what kind of operations, medications, applications, exercise and more that anyone does to try and stay fit, look, feel and be younger, none of it is going to matter if you do not drink enough water.  In my opinion, water should be at the top of everyone’s list for staying fit and young.  My personal recommendation on this?  3 liters of water a day for a man and 2 liters of water a day for women.

You should basically have a water bottle with you all day and be sipping from it at regular intervals.  You body can only absorb so much at any given time so gulping down huge amounts in one shot and hoping that will last the day, ahhhh nooo!  You need to spread it out, smaller sips all day long.

I promise you, if you will take this seriously, drink at least 2 liters of water a day, over the course of the whole day, you will feel better. In a short amount of time you will find improvement in your skin, your hair, your finger nails, your bowl movements, your urine, your mood and more.  It literally effects every part of your body as it is a large part of your body.

A glass of warm water in the morning will help loosen things up after sleeping all night.  A glass of warm water before you go to bed can give your body some water to absorb through the nite and help you sleep.  Have a glass of water at meal time instead of pop or juice.  In fact, you should run away from soda as if it were the plague.

So raise your glass high and make a toast to drinking more water.  Its good for you, it tastes good, it is you!


Hugo Walker

Lipo and other fat removal remedies

I have always been perplexed by things like liposuction being listed in life extension and anti aging forums.  I guess one could try to argue that being heavy will cause other problems in your body that lead to a shortened life but simply removing fat cells, in my opinion, is not going to help with the other conditions.  One must strive to remove the fat through diet and exercise which will, at the same time, remove or at least decrease the other conditions.

If you are considering fat removal as a remedy to looking younger, one could argue that there are plenty of younger people who are heavy.  In addition, when fat is removed, rather then slowly reduced/lost through exercise and diet, there is a considerable amount of “EXTRA” skin left behind.  Even when you reduce fat naturally this will happen but the immediate results from fat removal can be quite, well, scary looking.  Especially when you see someone who has been taking weight loss pills, their face can get rather gaunt and the neck becomes very loose a wrinkly.  This, in effect, causes one to actually look older.

In the past years that I have attended Beauty conventions there has always been a plethora of companies hawking their various fat removal devices.  If any of you are not familiar with these, these are machines that, through various means such as radio frequency, MELT or burst open fat cells under the skin.  Of course, if these actually work, one must ask, “Where is all that fat going”?  Well, if it really works, into your blood stream and finally into your liver and kidneys of course.  So then, later, many came out with machines that not only claimed to dissolve the fat cells but to then actually extract the fat through the skin.  I have seen these machines demonstrated with a little glass jar on the machine that slowly fills up with what looks like fat.  Are they real???  If they are, again, there must be major issue involved with dissolving fat cells and sucking the fat out through your skin?  At any rate, the last two times I have been to shows, guess what?  I have only seen 1 or 2 of these machines.  Now most everyone is focused onto wrinkle removal or reduction.

There are a lot of ways, on the market now, to remove fat from ones body.  However, I would hope anyone thinking of these kinds of procedures would first consider to giving exercise and diet a serious try first.  The results will be longer lived and the true benefits will be far greater.



Health and Beauty Expo

Keeping in mind that I am in Hong Kong so when I say tomorrow, that is Saturday for me but may be Friday for others.  Tomorrow, I will go to Guangzhou China to attend the 30th Biannual Guangzhou International Beauty Expo.

“Beauty Expo, Hugo, have you lost your mind”?  You might say.  No, actually I have attended this Expo twice in the past and it is always fantastic for finding many new cutting edge products for staying or looking younger.  Not to mention, there is usually several booths focused on new peptides, supplements and my favorite, ancient Chinese medicine come back into Vogue because of new findings in the medical research community.

I will have my note book and trusty iPhone with me to take pictures, conduct some audio or video demonstrations and interviews.  I hope to come away with some interesting tidbits and will share on the site.

Wish me luck,



Ala-Glu-Asp-Gly (A.K.A.) Epithalone

Flying in under the radar for the past 10 years is a little tetrapeptide known as Ala-Glu-Asp-Gly.  This 4 mer peptide is a replica of a secretion produced by the pineal gland and has some amazing results/potential.

As we all know the benefits of telomerase, I won’t go into detail about that now but will say that Ala-Glu-Asp-Gly has been proven in lab studies to not only activate telomerase but actually cause telomere elongation.

Now here is a little (actually very big) kicker!  In lab tests this tetrapeptide does NOT activate telomerase in cancerous cells.  In fact, at lower doses it actually inhibits growth.  How can this be?  More research needs to be done on that but the results are there.

Ala-Glu-Asp-Gly, so far, has not shown any toxicity or bad side effects.  Human trials have been done on elderly and a few brave souls have begun home trialing of this tetrapeptide.  I have personally started to trial with this but as I have just started recently I do not have any conclusive things to report yet, except that it has not had any bad side effects for me.  I have experienced things that can potentially be put off to placebo effect so I will not categorically state those as being due to the Ala-Glu-Asp-Gly.  My gray hair seems to have subsided ( I would say a decrease of about 10%).  I have much more energy and can recover from heavy exercise more rapidly.  My sex drive is up.  My focus appears better.  I sleep very deeply at night and have started to have (remember) dreaming again.  I also no longer fall asleep at my computer during the day.  A problem I have been facing for the past couple of years.

The later part of those effects can be directly related to the increased production of melatonin.  This again is one of the known results of Ala-Glu-Asp-Gly from lab, animal and human trials.

If you are interested in testing this peptide in your lab, you can send a message through the contact form on this site and ask about Ala-Glu-Asp-Gly.  I would also like to encourage anyone trialing this peptide to add their experiences to the Forum.

Hugo Walker

Update: 2-3-2013

I stopped trialing AGAG (Epitalon) some time ago now and am still taking on a rather regular basis.  In my opinion, the effects I have had are more internal than external.  I definitely feel younger, have more energy, can work out better then every before, endurance is fantastic, lost most of my old aches and pains, lowered my blood pressure and the list goes on and on.  There are just too many things that have changed for me to put it off to placebo or other.

As for visually.  I seem to have gotten down to around the look of a 35 to 40 year old, depends on who I talk to.  I most definitely no longer look like 51, coming up on 52 now.  People do doubt me and ask to see my ID on occasion.  It is fun to watch their expression when I do show it to them.  Some even examine it to see if it is a fake, LOL.  But it is also important for me to note that I do not seem to be getting past that point, and, there are certain things, some of my wrinkles and some of the gray hair on the  right side of my head, that just don’t seem to improve.  Is it possible that some things can just degrade past the point of recovery, at least from AGAG?  I am starting to think that there are some limits.  Regardless, the change I have had is a great welcome and I am so happy that I found Epitalon.