And it begins!

There is a lot to tell and update.
I am currently back in the USA after having been in Hong Kong for 10 years and Thailand for 2.
Needless to say, moving to Thailand and then back to the US in a short period of time has completely stripped me of physical possessions and lightened my wallet to the extreme.  This, in turn, has reeked havoc on my body, my weight, my moral, my spirit, my hormone levels, my muscle mass and my sanity.

I can say definitively that I am in the worst shape I have been in a long time and I am showing clear signs of aging in so many ways.  Loose skin, wrinkles, slowing down both physically and mentally.  It is like my body has caught back up the 10 years I took off from trialing A.E.D.G. before and exercise.  I can definitely say that you cannot just stop a reversal regime and expect everything to continue, you should stay on some kind of plan.  It make sense, your body will continue to age no matter what, it is just that if you eat right, exercise and take cheats like A.E.D.G. you can reverse some aging and delay the rest but if you stop everything, age will come rolling back in with a vengeance.

I have joined a gym and have been exercising for the past week.  From this I have already lost 4 lbs., I was up to 224.

I have MT2 which some of you may not know about.  That was one of the first things that started me on the path to peptides and body alteration.  It increases you melanin levels through out your body.  I started taking that about 14 years ago so that I could cope with having moved to China (South Asia) and the extreme sun I knew I would experience there.  Both my sister and my mother have had skin cancer and by using MT2, I, a very very WHITE guy with red hair and blue eyes, will actually tan instead of burning.  I believe it is the burning that causes the cancer, well, actually the inflammation that comes along with it does a lot more.  So, I have some of the MT2 and have starting using that.  This has additional side effects which are, lowers my blood sugar, decreases my appetite and give me severe morning wood.  If you don’t know what this is, too bad, I am not going into details on that.

Having taken the MT2 for a long time opened my eyes to the avenues available through peptides and other things in my additional quest of the fountain of youth.  Ya, I am not going to skirt around it.  Sure, I, like many people I know, love the idea of, the concept of, a fountain of youth and would do just about anything to find it.  Did I find it?  Well, is short, No!  I did, however, find a way to slow the aging process down, look and feel 10X better in the process.

As most of you know, after telling the world about my experiment with A.E.D.G. I was inundated with people asking about how the could find A.E.D.G. to trial.  This in turn lead me to invest in and take control of Biotrends HK Co Limited.  ( )

I did not stop at A.E.D.G. however as I could see that even taking that was not going to be some magical potion that would make me young again but it did help provide with with crucial tools in helping me to reverse aging.  After I became involved in Biotrends I then started to focus all my time in the search for other things that combined with A.E.D.G. was going to boost those effects and help me on my road to age recovery.

What I found was a few things:

  1.  Exercise.  I can never talk about this enough.  We have to exercise.  One of the big things that we do as we age is slow down.  We do not run around anymore, we are not athletic, we prefer and quite often our jobs require us to sit for extended periods of time.  Our bodies literally break down, muscle wastes, arteries harden, hormones stop flowing.  All just compounding on top of each other and creating a big funnel slowing pulling us down into despair and immobility like a giant black hole.  Get off of you bed, your couch, your chair, away from your cell phone and PC/TV.  Take a walk around the block and keep going a bit farther everyday.  If you feel the desire after a few days, start doing so other exercises.  Ya, its gonna hurt.  Ya, its gonna take you out of your comfort zone.  Ya, your gonna get sore but that all part of getting everything going again.  Don’t worry, your body makes it own oil to lube everything up and get everything working again, you just have to keep using it.  As you do, and you can do more and more, you will find, very fast, that you will be looking forward to your next exercise session.  You will want to keep upping the dose, so to speak.  That is exactly what you want to happen.  Let your body start working again and it will thank you in so many ways.
  2. Balanced Diet.  Your body is going to need fuel to handle the extra work you will be putting it through.  Don’t worry, accept and enjoy it, just make sure that your increased appetite is geared around things that are actually fueling and not harming your body.  Protein and vegetables are like premium gas to your body and carbs (bread, rice, noodles, sugar) are all like pouring diesel in a high octane race car.  It really is that simple, truly.  Eat more protein, you can choose from meat or other sources but you need protein for your muscles.  Vegetables keep your digestive system in tact and give you lots of vitamins.  Remember to stay away from the starchy stuff, potatoes, corn……..  Drink lots of water, at least 36oz a day and if you are exercising, a lot more, 1 gallon to 1.5 gallons.
  3. The 3.  This is what I call my cheats.  A.E.D.G. (commonly known as Epitalon and sold through my company as X-tend and/or Nouvelle Vie).  Nouvelle Vie is a version that we sell that also contains L-Carnosine, Resveratrol and Licopine.  These are all things that are proven to be very beneficial to your body in many many ways.  A.E.D.G. helps your body produce more telemorase which promotes the repair and elongation of the telomeres in your body (protein based protective ends of your DNA).  As telomeres shorten and break down, so does our DNA strands until they get to the point that your body will shut off those cells and the division, renewing, of the cells stops (aging).
    Number 2 is NAD+.  This is food for your cells.  What your cells use for energy in-order to go through their phase of change and renewal.  Even if you have elongated your telomeres allowing your cells to renew, they need to have the fuel to be able to do that.  There are a lot of companies out there selling what they call NAD+ but it is not.  It is a precursor to NAD+ that has to be converted into 3 other things before finally a small fraction of what you took can finally be converted into NAD+ in your body.  The worst thing is when companies try to sell you NADH which is also called Niacen and also vitamin B3.  Your stomach will destroy most of this and you would need to take such large amounts that it will make you ill.  The NAD+ (true NAD+) survives the digestive track, is absorbed and converts to NADH in your body.  In the form of NADH it can be absorbed by your cells where, inside your cells, it is then converted back to NAD+ and used by your cells for energy.
    Lastly is BPC-157.  This stuff is just plain amazing.  It literally heals everything in your body and outside your body.  This helps heal not only tissue, muscle, tendons, organ but also nervous system, communication pathways, it is just simply amazing.  This helps take care of the damage in your body so that most of your energy can be focused on renewal.

Doing all of the above is what I will do now to try at my much more advanced age and condition now and see what it yields.  I welcome you to join my journey either through watching and reading my results or doing it on your own.  Even if you only pick 1 or 2 things to try, if you are reading this your probably need it so stop procrastinating and lets, Just Do It!!!


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