Health and Beauty Expo

Keeping in mind that I am in Hong Kong so when I say tomorrow, that is Saturday for me but may be Friday for others.  Tomorrow, I will go to Guangzhou China to attend the 30th Biannual Guangzhou International Beauty Expo.

“Beauty Expo, Hugo, have you lost your mind”?  You might say.  No, actually I have attended this Expo twice in the past and it is always fantastic for finding many new cutting edge products for staying or looking younger.  Not to mention, there is usually several booths focused on new peptides, supplements and my favorite, ancient Chinese medicine come back into Vogue because of new findings in the medical research community.

I will have my note book and trusty iPhone with me to take pictures, conduct some audio or video demonstrations and interviews.  I hope to come away with some interesting tidbits and will share on the site.

Wish me luck,



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One Response to “Health and Beauty Expo”

  1. admin says:

    I am very sad to report that all in all the show was a bust.
    I was late on my arrival, it was the last day of the show so I did not get to see all of it, but, of what I did see it was all pretty much the same. Lots of Chinese brand Botox alternatives, various laser and RF machines for toning skin or removing fat and of course lots of makeup.
    I did get a good chance to speak with some people about the industry, the economy and I especially enjoyed getting to visit with Bruno (another story for another time).
    There was a couple of companies of interest, one being from right here in Hong Kong, and I will report on those in their prospective sections on the site later this week.
    Will I go again? Probably. Its close enough for travel, the food in Guangzhou is fantastic and you never know when something new is going to pop up.