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I’m not a mouse, a monkey or a fly!

When I was young, we used to live in a large house that was on large plot of property filled with very old oak trees.  In these tree’s were a lot of squirrels and one summer a couple of them found a way into our house, through the rafters, and started to reek havoc. My […]

Battling Bad Science

This TED lecture I found to be excellent and thought I should share. I have nothing to do with TED, I have no relationship to the speaker, the event, or the location.  I just simply wish to share this link and the contents of the lecture for other like minded individuals who can appreciate the […]

Oil of Oregano

A few years back (about 6), I had heard a lot of buzz with concern to Oil of Oregano.  Of course, the company pushing it at that time was using an angle that their oil was from a specific plant only found on certain hills in a remote part of Italy (is there such a […]

Truely from the inside

I am sure we have all heard the phrase, “Young at heart”.  There is more to that saying then you think.  A good positive mental attitude can go farther then any pills or lotions when it comes to aging. I know people 10 years younger then me and you would think they are 10 years […]