Welcome to Applied Youth

Welcome to my site, I hope you find this of use.

Applied Youth/Ban On TIme is a collection of information that I have amassed during the past 10 years with regards to trying to stay more youthful both physically and mentally.  Not an easy feat with each passing year but I have been able to find things that definitely have helped, some a lot, and I wish to share.
I have 3 different sections that relate to items, articles and things I have trialed.  These 3 different topics basically cover everything, in one way or another, that I feel, combined, are the route to a more youthful life as you grow older.

There are things either holistic or medicinal that are taken internal to illicit some kind of change to your body or help you to make a change when combined with other things.
There are things applied externally to the body such as lotions, potions, concoctions or surgery to make you look younger or to elicit younger cells in the skin.
The last thing which is more than 1 topic but can be combined together into “life style”  or “healthy living”.  This, of course, is exercise, diet, sleep, stress reduction and environment.

The first two things do not need to be done together, in fact, in my opinion, if you do it right, you should not need the second option, but, no matter what, the last one, “life style” is an absolute must.  In fact, in my opinion, it is the main key to keeping your youth.

Everything, in all pages, is in chronological order so be sure to scroll through as much as you can, going back as far as you can, because everything cannot be on 1 page.